Promote Locally Roasted Coffee with White Rose Coffee Roasters POS

We have created these three sided Pos of Sale cards in sealed finish colour card, perfect for displaying next to your coffee machine or on tables to show you Shop Local and support local business.

White Rose Coffee Roasters

One side shows our coffee roaster, with freshly roasting coffee pouring seductively into the cooling tray.

White Rose Coffee Roasters

Another side shows a coffee plantation we visited in Brazil during June 2019, and sacks of green coffee.

White Rose Coffee Roasters

Finally we have more of our own photos taken in Brazil during June 2019, Red coffee cherries, coffee drying beds and a coffee picker working in the plantation fields - tossing his picked coffee cherries like a pancake to remove any twigs or leaves that may be in with them.


Our point of sale cards are available free to our coffee customers, request them when you order or fill out our contact form.

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