About White Rose Coffee Roasters

White Rose Coffee Roasters
White Rose Coffee Roasters started from a passion for coffee excellence thirty years in the making, the head roaster Robert Cooper has a long history of experience with commercial coffee equipment and supplying the catering trade.
We roast in Halifax, West Yorkshire and are proud to carry the Made in Yorkshire Mark which is dedicated to highlighting the best in food and drink exclusively produced in the Yorkshire Region.
Our roaster is manufactured by Toper Coffee Roasters in Turkey, it is a tradionally designed drum roaster making use of a gas flame under the drum and also air flow through the drum itself to roast the coffee beans.
White Rose Coffee Roasters
Our roastery is founded on traditional hand roasting of coffee, where the skill in developing the full flavours from the coffee is from our head roaster Robert Cooper. Our 5kg and 1kg Toper Roasters give us flexibility and we roast fresh weekly all our range of Speciality Coffees.
White Rose Coffee Roasters in Calderdale
From our roastery in Halifax, West Yorkshire we are in the perfect location to serve local business in Calderdale and Kirkless, roasting coffee fresh daily we can supply roasted coffee beans for traditional espresso machines and also bean to cup machines, and ground coffee for filter coffee machines and brewing coffee. 
White Rose Coffee Roasters
In March 2020 we expanded our roastery, adding this 30kg Toper Roaster to our existing 1kg and 5kg batch roasters. This larger batch roaster has enabled us to quickly and efficiently supply bulk commercial orders - while still keeping the coffee supplied fresh. During the challenging year of the Pandemic, our domestic orders increased exponentially and we are pleased everyone starting to enjoy fresh coffee at home welcomed our selection of 24 coffee's and blends from around the world.
White Rose Coffee Roasters
We work with a variety of coffee brokers to bring you coffee grown around the world, and through the Algrano network the coffee we source is Transparently Traded - with direct contact through the portal to the farmers at the plantation we can learn more about their coffee and processing methods, and provide feedback on the quality of coffee received. It also shows exactly the breakdown of how much the farmer receives, shipping and broker costs until it lands with us in Halifax - and we pay for the coffee before it even leaves the plantation so the farmers are able to continue working on the next seasons crop. Keeping coffee sustainable is essential for continued Speciality crops - many of the younger generations are leaving their family plantations for more lucrative city work - reversing this trend is essential to ensure quality supply in the future.
White Rose Coffee Roasters
Our customer base is very broad, supplying big multinationals, independent coffee shops and restaurants plus a vast range of home coffee enthusiasts. We can match existing blends if you enjoy your current coffee but would prefer to change supplier - or we can create a new unique blend just for your outlet. Whatever you need get in touch.
White Rose Coffee Roasters Colour Label Branded Coffee
If you would like to sell fresh locally roasted coffee in your delicatessen or coffee shop, we can supply 250g Retail packs that are heat sealed and include a zip lock so the customer can reseal them as well. They can contain any of the coffee from our roasted coffee selection, and we can label them with your own name and logo with a small minimum order of just ten bags. labels as above are 10cmx10cm full colour - you can supply any artwork you wish for the label - or ask us to make it up for you. Make use of our contact form to find out more information.

All the bags we supply our roasted coffee in include a 1 Way valve for freshness, and Zip Lock so you can easily reseal them to keep the coffee fresh.


Toper 5kg coffee roaster

 In January 2021 we upgraded our existing 5kg Toper Roaster with this new model which allows connection to a laptop running Artisan scope profiling software. Both our 5kg and 30kg coffee roasters now use the artisan software so we can profile each coffee we roast - following the ghost of the last optimum roast of each origin or blend to help ensure consistancy.