Our Subscription options just got a massive upgrade

Our Subscription options just got a massive upgrade

We are always pleased to see our customers enjoying the option to subscribe to our coffee offering, which over the years has expanded from specific subscription products to covering our whole range - where you can choose your favourite origin or blend to delivered regularly.

With the new updated software existing subscribers have been migrated over, so you will still receive your active subscriptions - but now you have far more control over those subscriptions. Starting off managing them is now far easier, all you have to do is head to our manage subscription page and use the passwordless login - just enter the e-mail address you use for your subscription and you will be e-mailed a log in link that takes you straight to managing your subscription.

Now as well as pausing and changing frequency of your subscription - you can add or remove products at will. Fancy a small bag of something else this month with your regular order - just add it on as a one off. Want additional subscribed coffee - just add whatever you takes your fancy. You can also skip weeks if you are going to be away, or if you have built up a little stock pile of delicious coffee and need to use it up.

Of course as always you can just contact us directly to manage your subscription for you - we are quite happy to make changes back end ourselves - pause or skip weeks if required. This new system however makes it super easy to manage your subscription yourself, and if you are new to getting a coffee subscription - don't worry you can stop and start it yourself as you wish.

Existing subscribers should be advised because the payments are now being managed by our online store provider Shopify - they will be sent an e-mail when their subscription renews through the new system asking them to reconfirm the payment details. This is quick and easy using the link in the e-mail, and you must do it to enable your subscription to be processed. 

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