Cryptocurrency payments now accepted vis Coinbase Commerce

Cryptocurrency payments now accepted vis Coinbase Commerce

Coinbase Commerce Coffee Payments

We now accept Cryptocurrrency payments powered by Coinbase Commerce, when you reach check out you can now choose Coinbase Commerce for your payment option.

Pay with Coinbase Commerce for coffee

Once you have selected this option you can choose to pay with your existing Coinbase account or you can select from a range of Cryptocurrencies to pay with.

 Buy coffee with Cryptocurrency

If you choose a particular cryptocurrency the next page will show you the amount of Cryptocurrency equivalent to your order total, and give you an address to send the cryptocurrency to. Just copy the address, and send your cryptocurrency from your own wallet to complete payment for your order.

We are also working on offering payment in the Hive cryptocurrency token in future, we have an account on Hive and also run a Witness

If you wish to pay with Hive right now it is possible, once you have a cryptocurrency value from the steps above use our Contact Form to send us a message including your Hive account name (ours is @whiterosecoffee) and the Amount of Cryptocurrency you need to pay with. We will send you a wallet memo with the amount of Hive to send us, which you should do with your own Cryptocurrency wallet address in the Memo (from the example above you would send us your LTC wallet address - it will be the address for the cryptocurrency you originally selected to pay with.) We will then convert that Hive to the cryptocurrency of your choice and send it to the wallet you provided - so you can then complete payment on our web site.


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