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Zuma Original Hot Chocolate Powder Mix (2kg tub)

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Zuma Original Hot Chocolate powder, mix with hot milk for a luxury smooth hot chocolate. Can also be used for making Mocha (espresso and hot chocolate). Packed in a 2kg tub with re-sealable lid.


  • No preservatives, no GMO's
  • Does not contain powdered milk
  • Vegetarian
  • Shelf stable for easy storage
  • Makes approximately 72 12oz servings (can vary depending on how much powder you use)
  • Costs around 17p per 12oz serving

The Aztecs caled it the food of the gods, and valued it so highly it was soley reserved as a sacred drink for religeous ceremonies and members of royalty. Even to this day, millions of us still praise the gods for the discovery of Chocolate.

Who could have imagined that such a small bean would make such a big impact, and it still continues to surpise and delight!

The most recent and saught after discovery is Zuma, the ultimate hot chocolate pleasure. Zuma is inspired by the great Aztec ruler and original chocoholic. Montezuma, who loved drinking chocolate so much he drank up to 50 goblets a day. We can only imagine how much he'd have loved Zuma chocolate - so luxuriously smooth and creamy, you'll definately want to drink it again and again and again.

Hot Chocolate - 1 scoop ( around 30ml) of hot chocolate powder mixed with 12floz of hot milk. For the perfect hot chocolate, first mix on one scoop of Zuma with 1floz of boiling water to make a smooth paste. This releases the maximum taste and aroma from the Cocoa, resulting in a smoother and more satifying drink. Then add milk, steamed to around 150 degrees farenheight, 65 degrees celcius, ensuring the milk and cocoa paste mix throughly. Finally top with a sprinkling of Zuma.

Zuma Mocha - 1 scoop Zuma original, 1floz espresso hot, 11oz Steamed Milk

Zuma Iced Blended Chocolate - In a blender mix 2 scoops Zuma Original hot chocolate powder with half a cup of ice, 8oz cold milk and blend thoroughly until smooth.

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