Peru MCM Fairtrade Arabica Roasted Coffee (1kg)
Peru MCM Fairtrade Arabica Roasted Coffee (1kg)

Peru MCM Fairtrade Arabica Roasted Coffee (1kg)

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Our Peruvian hard bean coffee comes from the Chanchamayo province, located in central Peru. It grows at an altitude between 1200 – 1350 meters above sea level. Its varieties include Caturra, Typica, Pache, and Bourbon. The farms belong to small producers with less than two hectares of land that generate around 3,000 lbs. of coffee per harvest. This coffee is shade grown at high altitudes in order to produce a denser bean and a more complex cup characteristic as a result of its slow maturation process. In addition, the producers have made a remarkable effort to produce a high quality bean by only using sustainable farming practices.

  • HB (Hard Bean) specifies that the coffee was grown at an altitude around 1200 meters. The beans are hard, dense, and possess the potential for a good coffee cup; this classification is lower than SHB; also synonymous with HG.

Cupping Notes

Floral aroma, sweet notes, and a silky body; well-balanced

Growing Altitude
1200 – 1350 m.a.s.l.
Arabica Variety
Caturra, Typica, Pache, and Bourbon
Harvest Period
Milling Process
Washed, sun dried
Soft floral aroma
Caramel, cinnamon, cedar note
Medium body
Citrus acidity



All the bags we supply our roasted coffee in include a 1 Way valve for freshness, and Zip Lock so you can easily reseal them to keep the coffee fresh.

Biodegradable coffee bags

The bags we use for our freshly roasted coffee are Omnidegradable, this unique design makes use of PLA for the lining and valve, and zip lock. These bags are shelf stable, and will keep your coffee fresh for as long as you need them. But when disposed of, the entire bag will break down into it's natural components. You can add the bags to compost, they break down to Bio Mass, Cardbon Dioxide and Water all beneficial to plant growth. Biodegradable and compostable, our coffee bags are friendly to the environment and easy to dispose of - you can even dispose of them in your food waste recycling.