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Peru Origin Coffee Lab Arabica Roasted Coffee

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Location/Origin Peru 
Altitude 1600m - 1900m
Variety Caturra, Yellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon, Geisha, Typica, Marsellesa
Preparation SFully Washed
Harvest May-September
Owner / Farm Origin Coffee Labs
SCA Cup score and notes 85 Red berries, Cane sugar, Toffee, Raspberry


This Peruvian coffee is Juicy and sweet, with very distinct and lingering raspberry finish, red berry like medium acidity and smooth body, medium. Tastes after red berries, cane sugar and toffee.


 Origin Coffee Labs established this Comité four years ago, two years after the onset of our working relationship with Israel Contreras. In those days, Israel would bring us cuyes (guinea pigs) every two weeks. And just as he once provided us with this great food, he is now bringing great coffee to a wider audience! His Pache mutation, with its lovely floral profile, garners praise whenever it graces a cupping table. On a broader level, Origin has helped establish best practices in the area, helping local farmers deliver a markedly improved product. The farmers here have become so proficient that they are now planting exotic varieties, including Geisha. We look forward to the first harvest of those crops next year. Israel Contreras and another local producer, Onias Guerrero, are exceptional producers and among the most humble, good-natured people with whom we have worked. Their ready adaptation to quality-driven practices-- including shade growth and innovative washing techniques-- illustrates this comité’s room for growth, even for members without a coffee-growing background. Further improvements in infrastructure promise to elevate this region’s coffee to among Peru’s most renowned. 

The process

Processing Methods: This comite uses floater tanks the day before depulping. The next day, the coffee is de-pulped, with most of the mucilage left on the parchment. The coffee is then moved to tanks where it is fermented for 24-36 hours, depending on the temperature. Drying Methods: the majority of farmers dry the seeds on tables. Drying Time: the coffee is dried for at least 6 hours per day for 15-30 days.

All the bags we supply our roasted coffee in include a 1 Way valve for freshness, and Zip Lock so you can easily reseal them to keep the coffee fresh.


Our coffee bags are green - each coffee bag is recyclable, LDPE  (Low-Density Polyethylene)  – Recyclable plastic, just place it in your  plastic recycling bin.

LDPE 4 Recyclable Plastic Coffee Bags

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Bob Woodcock
Great product

Top quality roasting as usual.
Wouldn't dream of going anywhere
else for my coffee beans.