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Jamaica Blue Mountain Arabica Roasted Coffee

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Many connoisseurs agree that Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is one of the worlds best. An exquisite balance of aroma, body and acidity is the medley which makes Blue Mountain Coffee very special. However, it is the mellow sweet aftertaste that separates this unique brand from all others.

100% Arabica coffee Medium Roast.

This is genuine Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, the official importers into the UK can verify White Rose Coffee Roasters/Pennine Tea and Coffee Ltd purchase barrels from them, and we can supply printed or pdf documentation to confirm the authenticity.

In 1953, the Jamaican Government created the Coffee Industry Board (CIB) of Jamaica, a regulatory body established to protect the quality of Jamaican coffee. Jamaica was the first country in the world to establish a defined geographical location designated to a specific coffee brand, similar to that constructed by the French wine industry with the creation of the AOC (Appellation Origine Controlle).
All coffee exported from Jamaica is shipped by the CIB. Rigorous testing by highly trained quality control experts guarantees that all coffee exported is 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain.
Clifton Mount Estate
Clifton Mount is the oldest functioning coffee estate in Jamaica and is recognized as producing the finest quality world renowned Blue Mountain Coffee. The farm with its elegant Great House is located in the Newcastle region of the island and is situated on the Eastern slope of Catherines Peak at 1300 metres above sea level. View of Clifton Mount Estate.

Coffee started to be produced at Clifton Mount Estate in the middle of the 18th century (sometime after the year 1750). According to the Institute of Jamaica, a land survey done in 1810 shows that Robert Hamilton was the owner of the farm. This map shows Clifton Mount Plantation as being divided into two parts, Top Mountain with 80 acres of coffee and 427 acres in pastures and Bottom Mountain with 111 acres of coffee and 264 acres in pastures. Clifton Mount Estate by Marianne North, 1872

Mrs. Marianne North, the famous English painter and author, visited Jamaica in 1872 for 5 months and spent sometime at Clifton Mount. In her autobiography, The Recollections of a happy Life, she mentioned her visit to Clifton Lodge. Clifton Lodge belonged to a gentleman who had lost his wife there and never wanted to see it again. He did not let it but rented it for a week at a time to different people who wanted a dose of cool air 1500 metres above the sea, beyond the lovely fern walk and in the midst of the finest and oldest coffee plantation in Jamaica

The main Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee processor producers are Clydesdale, Mavis Bank and Wallenford Coffee Company, as well as the two principal estates with export licenses, Clifton Mount Estate (with Rainforest Alliance Certification) and RSW Estates.

RSW Estates actually comprise three estates:

Resource Estate is located at an altitude of 1,200 metres above the Yallahs River and comprises 12 hectares. It is owned by the Langford family, another revered name, and one of the oldest, in the world of Jamaican coffee. With an area of over 400 hectares, ranging from a height of 760 to 1,700 metres, the Sherwood Forest Estate is one of the largest intact original Blue Mountain coffee plantations and coffee has been grown there almost continuously since the late 1700' s. Most of Sherwood's plantings are scattered in the tree shaded valleys through which run seasonal springs. The early 19th century house, pulpery and dry mill, including the original 19th century drying barbecues, almost rival Clifton Mount for their spectacular location. The RSW coffees are processed at Sherwood Forest.

Whitfield Hall Estate stands at 1,300 metres in the heart of the Blue Mountains just below the Blue Mountain Peak, the highest mountain in the Blue Mountains. Many hikers stay at the hostel within the 18th century great house and join the nearby main hiking trail to the spectacular Peak and to Portland Gap. Whitfield Hall's coffee is produced on 20 hectares surrounding the great house with its vaulted ceilings, cheery fireplace (the area is characterised by cool evenings), time darkened hand hewn beams and gently hissing "Tilley" kerosene lamps (there is no electricity). It is now owned by the Allgrove family, whose history and roots in the immediate district go back generations.

All the bags we supply our roasted coffee in include a 1 Way valve for freshness, and Zip Lock so you can easily reseal them to keep the coffee fresh.


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