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Honduras Arabica Coffee

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Location/Origin  Honduras
Altitude 1200m-1700m
Variety Yellow Colombia
Preperation Washed
Harvest October-April
Owner / Farm Finca La Laguna
SCA Cup score and notes 86 - Light and fruity, notes of dark berries with a tempered floral background


Producer: Cornélio Nuñez
Farm: Finca La Laguna
Farm size: 2.8 manzanas
Location: Petatillo village, San Pedro de Copán town, Copán region, Honduras. Next to the Cerro (hill) Chimis
Cultivated varietals: Yellow and Red Colombia, Icatú and Icafé-90
Processes: Washed 

Cornélio has 2 "parcelas" or plots on mountain slopes near Cerro Chimis (Chimis Hill) in Petatillo. He lost most of trees on one of hills to the leaf rust crisis and has been focusing on his best parcela since. This is where this yellow Colombia lot comes from. The plot is favoured by good exposure to the sun and protection from strong winds.

Petatillo village is located at a short ride from Las Capucas and has been Cornélio's home all his life. Originally from Lempira, his father was brought to the region by the government in an effort to populate the area. Today there are 24 families in the village, including Cornélio's and the families of his two siblings, all coffee producers. 

The coffee is grown organically under the shade of banana and orange trees and fertilized with coffee pulp. The cherries are processed at the farm up to dry parchment and defective beans are manually cleaned. Cornélio makes sure that the workers are not using perfumes or creams so the coffee won't be contaminated by external odours. After that, sacks of parchment are taken to Capucas for quality control and storage until they are sold.

All the bags we supply our roasted coffee in include a 1 Way valve for freshness, and Zip Lock so you can easily reseal them to keep the coffee fresh.

Our coffee bags are green - each coffee bag is recyclable, LDPE  (Low-Density Polyethylene)  – Recyclable plastic, just place it in your  plastic recycling bin.

LDPE 4 Recyclable Plastic Coffee Bags

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