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Colombian Washed Caturra Roasted Coffee (250g)

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Location/Origin  Colombia
Altitude 1600m to 2000m
Variety Caturra
Preperation Washed
Harvest May to October
Owner / Farm Felipe Rincon Cardenas
SCA Cup score and notes 84.5 Distinct notes of hazelnut and milk chocolate, aftertaste long and sweet, malic acidity and elegant, body a bit watery, very good balance.



We are delighted to be able to support Felipe and his CoopCafes cooperative this year by purchasing 208 kilos of their Washed Arabica, this is an excellent coffee smooth and fruity - try it you will not be disappointed.

An initiative of 20 coffee entrepreneurs based on the need to face with innovation and differentiation the problem of the sector, propose possible solutions and explore the windows of opportunities derived from the production of special coffees. By exploring differentiated markets we could change the perspective from the productive and commercial.

The cooperative will work on lowering costs, achieving economies of scale, technical advice, administrative training, but its main objective will be to promote differentiated, specialty coffees, implement technology in its production and negotiate outside Bag.

Our proposal is value generation at source, understood as giving value to green coffee (confer some degree of specialty). It will be an associative and solidarity company that will work in an economic activity, under a framework of participatory democracy that with ethical and social responsibility allows the development of our human resource.

The Co-op is made up from three farms:-

Farm El Porvenir - It is located in the municipality of Manizales, department of Caldas, Vereda San Gabriel at a height between 1,300 and 1,400 meters above sea level with an area of ​​42 hectares. It was acquired in the year 1964, it was owned by my grandfather Gabriel Villegas González and has belonged to the family for over 120 years. When it was acquired it was cultivated in Arabic coffee with gloomy guamo, currently, it is planted in Caturra, Colombia Variety and Naranjal Castillo with the incidence of tree Guamo Santafereño.

Farm La Marina - Owners Alberto Jaramillo Botero and his wife Ángela María Robledo Arango.
It is located in the Municipality of Chinchiná Coffee Country Center, where the main Coffee Institutions of Colombia are located. In the village of Alto de La Paz, five kilometers from its urban center with an average height of 1500 meters above sea level and an average temperature of 18 degrees Celsius. Its soils are of volcanic origin and in the highest part of the farm is El Alto de la Paz, a hill that gives rise to the name of the Vereda and from which the imposing Nevado del Ruiz Volcano can be seen, origin with its ash emissions from the fertile soils that characterize the area.
The property has been owned by its current owners for 35 years and has a 67-year coffee tradition when the previous owner, a famous cabinetmaker Manizaleño and coffee maker Tulio Restrepo acquired it in 1952 to dedicate it to the cultivation of coffee.
The farm is planted primarily in coffee variety Castillo Naranjal and also has two lots in Caturra coffee. Its coffee plantations are surrounded by leafy guaduales that cover more than 10% of the property, which, in addition to protecting their own waters, serve as shelter for an abundant fauna of birds and animals that find protection in this area.
It has its own coffee beneficiary that has two management possibilities: A traditional one that allows the natural fermentation of coffee in approximately 18 hours and its selection of quality through brokerage channels, with waters born on the farm and another equipped with equipment designed by CENICAFE (National Coffee Research Center) for ecological benefit.
The coffee of the farm has been tasted by different experts and its quality is very satisfactory, the farm also meets standards of environmental and labor-management according to the FLO

Farm Laderas Del Tapias - It is a company located in the Tapias River Canyon region in the municipality of Neira - Caldas, formed by the union of 4 farms: Buenos Aires, Puerto Rico, La Graciela, and Villa Inés.
We are part of the Coffee Cultural Landscape, declared by UNESCO as Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
La Finca has a long tradition in coffee production. In the 30s of the last century, the first coffee plants were planted and during this period it has belonged to two families. Since 1980 it belongs to the current owners, who have expanded the cultivated area and have specialized the farm in the production of high-quality coffee.
The love and passion for what we do, together with knowledge and technological development, translate into a unique experience in contact with our coffee. When you try it, it will remain forever in the memory of your senses.


All the bags we supply our roasted coffee in include a 1 Way valve for freshness, and Zip Lock so you can easily reseal them to keep the coffee fresh.

Biodegradable coffee bags

The bags we use for our freshly roasted coffee are Omnidegradable, this unique design makes use of PLA for the lining and valve, and zip lock. These bags are shelf stable, and will keep your coffee fresh for as long as you need them. But when disposed of, the entire bag will break down into it's natural components. You can add the bags to compost, they break down to Bio Mass, Cardbon Dioxide and Water all beneficial to plant growth. Biodegradable and compostable, our coffee bags are friendly to the environment and easy to dispose of - you can even dispose of them in your food waste recycling.

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