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FREE Hario V60 with our 500g Subscription Plan

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If you love coffee you are really going to love this offer, with our 500g Subscription Plan you get 500g of coffee sent at a period you choose - and with your first order we will send you a FREE Hario V60 dripper and starter pack of filter papers.

The only restriction in this offer is that you must complete 10 paid orders before you can cancel your subscription - this is built into the subscription settings.

Every month you will get a different coffee from our range, so you can truly taste all the flavours of the world - and the price includes delivery - which makes it superb value as well because not only are you getting the FREE V60 - you will also be receiving some coffee's that would be more expensive if purchased on their own.


What you will receive:-

First subscription - 500g of coffee, Boxed Hario V60 and starter pack of 10 Hario filters (more can be purchased from us). You will need to have a jug or mug to stand the V60 on - and a kettle to heat the water - these are not provided!

9 Subsequent orders of 500g coffee.

After 10 paid orders have been sent, you can stick with the subscription or stop it and try a different option.

The V60 is a great brewer for it's simplicity, it's theatre and for the sheer enjoyment of interacting with the coffee during brewing. Making a pourover provides a unique satisfaction like that of no other brewing method.

Optimum water temperature 97 degrees celcius

For 250ml water use 15g of ground coffee

For 300ml water use 18g of ground coffee

For 350ml water use 22g of ground coffee

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