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Burundi Arabica Roasted Coffee

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Location/Origin  Burundi Kayanza
Altitude 1580m
Variety Bourbon
Preperation Washed, sun-dried
Harvest March-June
Owner / Farm Jean Clement Birabereya
SCA Cup score and notes 83 Savoury-sweet, herby, citrus, stewed tomato, pineapple, leather


Burundi is a country that continues to face immense social and political difficulties. One of the challenges for the coffee sector is the government’s involvement as an owner and operator of washing stations, which prohibits visibility and transparency. Despite these challenges, there are a few entrepreneurs and privately owned washing stations who are working hard to improve quality. One of these stations is Mpanga. 

The flavour profile from the Kayanza region in Burundi is similar in a lot of ways to the southern Rwandan coffees like Huye Mountain. In fact, Huye Mountain is only about 60 miles from the Kayanza village, as the crow flies. However, we tend to find Kayanza coffees are more delicate in character and present more floral notes, such as jasmine, rose and orange blossom.

Kayanza Province, North Burundi

Owner Jean Clement Birabereya

All the bags we supply our roasted coffee in include a 1 Way valve for freshness, and Zip Lock so you can easily reseal them to keep the coffee fresh.


Our coffee bags are green - each coffee bag is recyclable, LDPE  (Low-Density Polyethylene)  – Recyclable plastic, just place it in your  plastic recycling bin.

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